Creator’s Insight: the Inspiration for Korafay


ElfQuest fans often wonder where Wendy Pini finds creative inspiration when it comes to character designs. Over on the ElfQuest Facebook Fan Group page, Wendy recently shared a small tidbit of insight into the origins of the look of the youngest Wavedancer, Korafay.

Wendy says, “Garth Williams’ illustration in The Tall Book of Make Believe was my first exposure to a mermaid, when I was probably two or three. It imprinted on me and Korafay is a tribute to how much I adored that image.”

Compare the image below with the one to the left, and we think you’ll see the connection (right down to the wild mane of hair).

Korafay inspiration Garth Williams

Be sure to order your copy of The Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini, the upcoming retrospective art book of Wendy’s work from Flesk Publications. It will be filled with insights and art bits exactly like this.