Deluxe Edition of “The Art of Elfquest”


The Kickstarter campaign was a fantastic success, and we already have something amazing to show for it. Richard received an advance copy of the Deluxe Edition of “The Art of Elfquest” and as you can see, he is more than pleased:

Just when we thought the cup was full, it runneth over with an advance copy of the Deluxe Edition of “The Art of Elfquest” from Flesk Publications. Holy (every expletive you can think of, deleted)! This is possibly the most spectacular presentation of Elfquest ever. (I’ll allow a tie with Dark Horse’s “Gallery Edition.”) I have no words. In my time I’ve seen bookwork production values run all the way from “meh” to “mahvelous” and this is top shelf all the way, from the perfect fit of the slipcase to the binding to the printing and every step in between. I’m triply gobsmacked when I stop to remember that three years ago, this book was barely a glint in my own eye, no one else knew of or was interested in it, and I had no idea how it could possibly be made real. Today, I have never been more proud to wear the hat labeled “Facilitator.”

What’s even more exciting is that even if you weren’t able to participate in the Kickstarter campaign, the Deluxe Editions for “The Art of Elfquest,” “Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini,” and “Elfquest:The Art of the Story” are available for preorder for one and all.