Elfquest 25th anniversary tributes from SDCC

Every year, at the San Diego Comic Con (it’s really called the International Comics Expo, but we’ve been attending so long, it’ll always be the SDCC to us), some anniversary or other is celebrated. In past years it’s been Superman’s 60th birthday, or the 40th anniversary of the first appearance of the Fantastic Four. 2003 contained, among others, Elfquest’s 25th anniversary. The editors of the program book for each year’s convention collect artistic tributes to the various anniversaries, for publication. We are pleased and honored to present to you now these tributes to Elfquest’s 25th.


Page 1
by Roz Gibson
Page 2
by Dave Garcia
Page 3
by Antonie Lysholm
Page 4
by Glenn D. Brown
Page 5
by Lissa Velent
Page 6
by Ed Roeder
Page 7
by Johnny B
Page 8
by Duncan Crawford
Page 9
by Bob Hanon
Page 10
by Donna Barr
Page 11
by Favio Montoya
Page 12
by C. Ariel Wulff
Page 13
by Natacha Choquet
Page 14
by Jerry Copeland,
Elizabeth Shaw,
Rachel Wolfe,
Emily M.W.Gaskill
Page 15
by Brianna Edwards,
Rosalie Blanscet,
Kara Kuba,
Skylar Fitzpatrick