Elfquest Katakana tee

New in the Elfquest store: Cutter making short work of katakana. The transliteration of “Elfquest” into Japanese syllabry (エルフクエスト, Erufukuesuto) was published in a Japanese fanzine in 1982, and here it is as a tribute to the series’ manga influences. Richard Pini elaborates:

“Elfquest has always had roots deep in manga. But it wasn’t until we stumbled upon a 1982 issue of a Japanese magazine devoted to anime and manga that we actually saw what Elfquest – at least the name – would look like in katakana. There was a two-page article devoted to EQ and Wendy’s artistic influences, and buried in the exotic text were several groupings that, we thought, must be the translated name “Elfquest.” And so it was! (The tiny sideways “L” icons are the equivalent to our quotation marks.)”

It’s available as a t-shirt and many other items of apparel and homewares: Elfquest Katakana [Redbubble]