Elfquest Literary Rights Repped by Kitchen & Hansen Agency

Richard and Wendy Pini, creators of Elfquest, announced that their property is now handled for literary representation by Kitchen & Hansen Agency. Elfquest is already represented for motion pictures and merchandise by Wolfmill Productions of Los Angeles.
Kitchen & Hansen Agency, with offices in New York and Massachusetts, is a partnership of veteran publishing and licensing professionals Denis Kitchen and Judith Hansen.

“Judy and Denis came to us at just the right time with just the right energy. We truly enjoy working with them and look forward, with their expert help, to raising Elfquest to the next level of visibility in the publishing world and beyond.” said Wendy Pini. “I can’t imagine a more knowledgeable team to shepherd Elfquest. Denis’s experience as an independent publisher, in particular, give him unique insight into Elfquest’s history and strengths,” Richard added.

“I’ve known Richard and Wendy for many years,” Kitchen noted. “It’s been obvious for a long time that Elfquest has a large and devoted audience. As a fellow publisher I was envious of their sales. But now Judy and I are confident we can help bring their enduring creation to an even larger audience.”

Elfquest, published by Warp Graphics since 1978, is one of most enchanting and far- ranging sagas in fantasy literature. Over fifteen million Elfquest books and comics have sold internationally to date. The work currently comprises over 4,800 comic pages, 2,100 prose pages and 650 named characters.

Kitchen is probably best known as the founder and longtime publisher of Kitchen Sink Press (1969-1999), where he published creators ranging from Al Capp, Milton Caniff and Will Eisner to R. Crumb, Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and Charles Burns. Works by KSP authors Mark Schultz (Cadillacs & Dinosaurs), James O’Barr (The Crow) and Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell (From Hell) were adapted for TV and film. A cartoonist, Kitchen also founded and chairs the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Hansen is an intellectual property attorney who served as Deputy Publisher at Kitchen Sink Press. She previously worked at Simon & Schuster; Crown Publishers and Doubleday, both divisons of Random House, and was a consultant at HarperCollins. She worked closely with science fiction and fantasy writers such as Isaac Asimov.

Kitchen & Hansen also represent such industry figures as Will Eisner, Mark Schultz, James O’Barr, James Sturm, Scott McCloud and the Harvey Kurtzman estate.

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