ElfQuest Makes Vulture’s “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics”

ElfQuest’s latest accolade comes from New York magazine’s Vulture website, which just released its list of “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics.”

The page that made the list is from the Original Quest issue #17–yes, the infamous orgy scene before the Wolfriders and Go-Backs go into battle with the Frozen Mountain trolls.

Vulture had this to say about it: “The series made no bones about being a high fantasy tale for adults. This is from one of the more notorious sequences, when the elves basically have an orgy before a big battle. Evolving attitudes about what comics were supposed to be — and who they were supposed to be for — clashed greatly with unevolved attitudes in the 1980s.”

In response, Wendy Pini said, “Come to think of it, this was, perhaps, the first PG-rated, tasteful orgy ever put on newsprint!”

See Vulture’s full list and read their complete review of the page here.