Elfquest themed wedding

Over the years there have been many stories told to us about how Elfquest brought together parents and children, siblings, friends, and even partners. We have also seen Elfquest gatherings of all sorts. But one thing that we hadn’t seen was an Elfquest themed wedding. Now we can say we have.

Myna Schoonover and her lifemate Scott shared these wonderful pictures from their wedding. We thought you would enjoy seeing them too.


“For my Elfquest wedding, these are the name placards my maid of honor and I made.”


What celebration would be complete without dreamberries?


“The rehearsal, the day before.”


“The actual ceremony was outside near Lake Lilly, with Scott’s grandfather presiding. There’s nothing specifically EQ here save for the presence of family and love.”


“We had the tables named after settings and characters. The gift table was “Elmy” for A Gift Of Her Own, because I’m punny like that.”


“We made the center pieces with Redlance in mind– leaves and flowers.”


“This was our sweetheart table.”


“We did the cake as something I imagined might be at the Flood and Flower.”


“And market lights for Skywise’s little star cousins. These are my grandparents.”