Elfquest’s in the Now

Very shortly I’ll be in New York, embarking with Richard on our whirlwind adventure of New York Comic Con. It’s going to be very exciting, what with “Elfquest – the Final Quest Special” premiering and our publisher Dark Horse Comics making a pretty big deal out of it. Plus our lecture at Columbia University. We’re going to treat it all as a celebration. Over and over again, on our convention tour this year, we’ve heard the phrase, “Elfquest was such a big part of my childhood.” That’s a lovely thing to know. But to Elfpop and me Elfquest is very much a thing of “The Now.” An email came in this morning from my dear friend and colorist, Sonny Strait that is sending me off with such a beautiful, settled feeling about “The Now.” I just had to share it. Here are Sonny’s own words: “I’ve got the feeling that the elves are getting back in the game at just the right time. EQ is the fantasy series people are craving. I’ve been to the shops on a weekly basis. I’ve seen the fantasy books on the shelves. They are all trying so hard to produce what you give so easily. The old fans are going to be so pleased but what I am really looking forward to are the new minds that are going to be blown and asking, “Why didn’t anyone tell me about this???”