A Gallery of Elfquest Figures (Set 1) – November 2000

A Gallery of Elfquest Figures (Set 1) – November 2000

In no particular order, herewith some images of the paintmasters (sculpted models that are about one-and-a-third times larger than the final production toys, painted in final or close-to-final colors) for the first set of Elfquest figures. Most of these small images lead to larger ones that show greater detail; just click on the thumbnail to see the large image.

These figures had their premiere for public viewing at Comic Con International (San Diego) and Wizard World (Chicago) during summer 2000. Response to them has been more enthusiastic than even we anticipated (“we” being Warp Graphics, Wolfmill Entertainment, and Living Toyz, the folks who are overseeing the actual production). We’d all originally thought that each figure of the six shown here (Cutter, Leetah, Rayek, Tyldak, Picknose and Nightrunner) would be packaged individually… but then someone had the idea, “Hey, Cutter and Nightrunner really ought to go together, y’know?” Which meant that now there were five offerings. Except that marketing concerns still called for six…

Enter Madcoil! No, there are not any images of the model for this beastie yet; as soon as ArtAsylum (the talented bunch who actually sculpt and paint the prototypes for Living Toyz based on Wendy’s designs) has one for us to approve, you’ll see it here. Of course, with that change of plan, our schedule for the release of the first set of figures had to be bumped a bit.

When do we expect to see them?

Originally, we were looking for a holiday season 2000 release. Now (and this actually works better for a strong launch for the toy line) both the first set of production figures and the second set of prototypes will be shown at Toy Fair, the huge trade show held every year in February in New York City.

The Toy Fair is an industry event, not open to the public. However, if you’re wondering where the figures will be available to buy, the answer is… just about everywhere! Both comics shops and mass market outlets (such as Wal-Mart, Target, Toys ‘R’ Us, and others) have expressed high interest in carrying the Elfquest line, and there will also be online outlets as well, so worry not!

More as we know it, but for the nonce, enjoy! As always, your comments are welcome at elfquest@andreav70.sg-host.com.