Fan-Father Introduces His Kids to ElfQuest

We’d like to give “Dad of the Year Award” to ElfQuest fan Jared Reese, who shared this wonderful story with us:

I grew up reading ElfQuest, and some of my greatest early memories with my father are days we spent scouring local comic shops or visiting conventions, always looking to add some more of the early prints to our collection.

Now I’ve got two boys of my own and we just started reading the original quest together a couple of days ago. They’re loving it! Yesterday while we were running errands, they said they wanted to take a walk together, but it was getting pretty late. We compromised, and my wife dropped us off at the far end of the grocery store parking lot for a walk to the store. My oldest wanted to pretend to be Wolfriders, so we found a tree to be our holt, and escaped across the burning waste to Sorrow’s End (where they had cookies).

My heart was full to bursting. The next generation is thoroughly hooked!

We never get tired of hearing stories like this. Wishing all the dads out there a wonderful Father’s Day!