Final Quest Issue 11 Cover and Teaser

Final Quest Cover 11

Comic Book Resources has just published Dark Horse’s solicitations for September 2015, complete with the cover art and teaser for issue #11 of Final Quest, which hits Dark Horse digital and comic store shelves on September 23.

This one’s going to be a doozy, folks:

“The one issue you dare not miss! The elves’ unprecedented gathering reaches a fever pitch when Strongbow’s lifemate Moonshade, Oddbit the troll queen, Mender the healer, Skywise the stargazer, and even evil Winnowill pursue their hearts’ desires—and some dare ask for even more! Angrif Djun’s war fleet invades the Wavedancers’ waters as a shattering moment of truth occurs between Cutter and Timmain.”

In the meantime, issue #10 is out on July 22. Getting these advance teasers makes the waiting between issues a little less grueling (or maybe even more tortuous)! (H/T to Stefan Gerritsen!)