Final Quest Issue #15 News

Healer's Hands

From Richard: Some of you have noticed issue #15 of Elfquest – Final Quest is not listed in solicitations for May, as would be expected. Here’s the scoop. Wendy is having some minor but necessary surgery at the end of February. Dark Horse Comics has graciously granted us time for her to bounce back hale and strong. So Final Quest #15 will be a little late. But here’s the up side – that issue will have four extra pages of story and art. So there’s also something to look forward to.

Now, here are two things we want you NOT to do: One, don’t get worried or upset. Don’t send “so sorry” get well messages. Everything’s cool. Be positive and optimistic. Two, don’t ask when issue 15 WILL be out. We’re still working the details with Dark Horse (did we say they are terrific?) and you’ll know as soon as we do, when they announce it. All is well.