Final Quest Issue 19 RELEASE DATE UPDATE

From Dark Horse: “Final Quest #19 is in fact coming out tomorrow 3/29/17. This is a failure on our side to make sure that the new schedule was in place with everyone here at Dark Horse with enough time to pull it from the pipeline. We thought that this was handled by our scheduling, print and production team. … So EQFQ #19 is out tomorrow (March 28, 2017). What this means for the rest of the schedule doesn’t change. EQFQ #20 will arrive June 28th. So the three month gap will arrive between #19 and #20. The rest of the schedule is in place for #20-24 to lead us to the final Feb. 28th 2018 release for #24. But the 3 month gap we had hoped to come between #18 and #19 will come between #19 and #20.”

There you have it. I’m sure there will be the usual scrambling to download the digital version, as well as the usual observance of spoiler rules for those who are waiting for the print edition. The lesson in all this? Once in a while, the Palace blows up, and then behind the scenes we work our butts off to put it back together. All is well now.