First ElfQuest Novel Re-released in Print and Digital Editions

In 1982 the first five issues of the ElfQuest comic series were adapted into a prose novel by Wendy and Richard Pini. Titled Journey to Sorrow’s End, it expanded on the story, adding rich background details of Wolfrider and Sun Villager culture, and delving into the inner workings of the characters to an extent not possible in the comics format. It also included a dozen gorgeous pen-and-ink illustrations of key scenes by Wendy.

The book saw several editions under different publishers, including an audiobook, but has been out of print for two decades, available to fans only by tracking down used copies from secondhand booksellers.

Now, Warp Graphics has re-released the novel via its Father Tree Press imprint, exclusively on Amazon. It is available both in print and, for the first time ever, as a digital e-book for Kindle. The e-book version is available free to Kindle Unlimited members. The new 2020 edition includes an updated introduction by the Pinis as well as a new cover design.

Get your copy of the newest edition of Journey to Sorrow’s End and experience the original adventures of the Wolfriders in prose form once again!

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Cover Gallery of Previous Editions

1982 Trade Paperback Edition from Playboy Press
1982 Hardcover Edition by Underwood Miller
1984 Mass-market Paperback Edition by Berkley
1993 Mass-market Paperback Edition from Ace
2000 Audiobook Edition from Listening Libray