Help complete “the Complete Elfquest”

As (we hope) you know, Dark Horse Comics has published two gorgeous volumes in their “Complete Elfquest” series. These books contain, in the first collection, the entire original 20-issue quest; and in the second, all 17 issues of “Siege at Blue Mountain” and “Kings of the Broken Wheel.”

Those were the easy collections! Each book contains totally linear story. But now, as Warp and Dark Horse contemplate further volumes, the question becomes “In what order should the later tales be read to make the most sense?” For a while, Elfquest split into concurrent tales (Cutter’s Wolfriders in “Shards,” Ember’s in “Hidden Years”), as well as past and future threads.

If you had the perfect magic wand, how would you collect different titles (or even individual stories within titles) into nice, combined, kindred volumes that – when all is said and done – make “The Complete Elfquest”? Who knows, there may be more than one good way, and we welcome your thoughts here.