Issue 4 of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” is Here

Issue 4 of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” from Dark Horse Comics is here!

Skywise the stargazer is gone, lost within the vastness of trackless space. His daughter, the fabulous Jink, sets out on her own quest to find him and return him to the elves’ Star Home. She has no idea where or why he fled, but she knows where to begin her search for answers: the World of Two Moons, her father’s birthplace. Here the Wolfriders still make their forest abode, and here Jink hopes to find guidance from Skywise’s other daughter, Yun, not to mention Leetah and Cutter’s rambunctious second son.

A special note from Richard Pini on this issue’s delay:

Due to industry shut-downs in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been seven months since issue 3 of Stargazer’s Hunt was released. All else about 2020 aside – and there has been plenty! – this gap has been one of the most taxing for Team EQ since 1977.

Back then, Warp was Wendy and me, and we were in the midst of a months-long struggle to rescue the Wolfriders from an unscrupulous publisher. (Who, in all fairness, did manage to produce the very first issue of Elfquest, even as he was trying to screw us.) Lately, it’s been Wendy, Sonny, and I pushing ourselves to keep creating even when we weren’t sure when – or if – new material would be scheduled for production.

Now we’re coming out of this latest long drought. We hope you find the continuing adventures of Skywise and Jink as satisfying as if the world had not gone wackroot-crazy back in March, and we look forward to your reactions.

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