Launch plus 6 hours

If this were Gaia Online, I’d say “Jeebus!
If this were a deli, I’d say “Oy vey!
But since this is the World of Two Moons, the proper phrase is “By the High Ones!

This page hasn’t been up the best part of a day yet but I can’t even take a leg-lift break without new friend requests, messages and comments coming in. Many of you may be used to this sort of activity but for us denizens of the Holt, it’s head-spinning. In a good way.

Not much to say for this first posting other than thank you all, and keep it (whatever “it” may be) coming. It may take a little while to find the natural rhythm of this “space place” thing, but we’ll never be so far away from the keyboard that your questions and comments have time to gather dust.

Spread the word, Howl from the treetops and “send” from wherever you may be. Check out the official Elfquest web site where we’re sharing with everyone – for free – every Elfquest comic ever published, all throughout 2008. Above all, enjoy the page, the site, the entire world!

Once upon a time, when Elfquest was being published in print only, we’d end editorials with “See you in 60” – meaning, 60 days, two months, when the next issue would appear. Sometimes it was “See you in 120” or “See you in 30”. Nobody waits that long on the internet! So… See you in…hours? minutes? picoseconds?

By Two-Spears’ Shaft!