ElfQuest Audio Movie Announcements


We’re still riding the high from the incredible final ElfQuest Audio Movie listening party! For those that couldn’t make it, here’s a recap of all the updates and MAJOR announcements we made.

Public Release on September 1st!

The biggest news is that the ElfQuest Audio Movie is being released to the public as a free podcast available via Apple Podcasts, Spotify and other podcast platforms in partnership with Realm!

It will be broken up into 10 episodes that will release each week starting on September 1st. There will be an ad-free premium option that will have all 10 episodes available on premiere day.

The close-captioned ASL version is beginning production now and will also be available on September 1st. More details to come!

Rate and Review

In order to make the biggest splash possible, we’re asking all ElfQuest fans to rate and review ElfQuest on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Many of you have already heard the preview episodes we’ve been sharing during our livestream listening parties, and we’ve made the series trailer, a 10-minute teaser and a really cool bonus feature called “The Elves of the World of Two Moons” available now for your enjoyment.

The more rates and reviews that happen before the Sept 1st launch, the more likely ElfQuest will become a featured podcast and become the hit we know it deserves to be. Now’s the chance for all ElfQuest fans to help make this huge by rating and reviewing now.

So many of you have already shared incredible reactions on social media. We’re asking you to share those as reviews now. You can copy and paste what you’ve already written. Don’t wait. Do it now. We so appreciate it. And don’t forget to subscribe too!

Listen, Rate and Review on Apple Podcasts here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/elfquest/id1633725912

Listen, Rate and Review on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/show/6KZwihHBhdl2LPSNHkmUvW


Join the ElfQuest “Street Team”

We also announced an exciting new opportunity for fans to get even more involved in solidifying ElfQuest’s deserved place in the cultural pantheon of beloved fantasy stories that reach millions, alongside the likes of The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or The Last Unicorn.

We’ll be asking this “street team” to help us promote ElfQuest on social media, at conventions and in your communities for a chance to get some pretty incredible rewards that could include things like a trip to a convention attended by Wendy and Richard, rare ElfQuest items, personalized experiences and even a character sketch done by Wendy Pini!

If we’re successful with this ElfQuest podcast who knows what NEW doors will open for ElfQuest? Another season of the ElfQuest Audio Movie? New color editions of the comics? Action figures? A streaming TV series? If we make a big enough splash, these are just some of the things that might happen. Fan enthusiasm is critical to making these things a reality–let’s make ElfQuest go viral!

If you’re interested in joining this ElfQuest “Street Team” (ideas for names include The Holt Club, Team Tam, Elfbassadors and The ElfSquad) sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdv87XbsCAFDrDekvBiS7X_LrodhTW-mXZMon13NDXVpA0xGg/viewform

More info to come!

Backer Reward Delivery

We haven’t forgotten about all of our amazing ElfQuest Audio Movie crowdfunding campaign backers, without whom none of this would be happening. Here’s the latest update on the delivery of backer rewards:

–All physical rewards are manufactured–the Ayoooah hats, posters, badges, sending star pins, Bearclaw wolf amulet, script book, miniatures, etc. We’re just waiting on the minis to arrive at the warehouses and shipping will begin. We anticipate everyone having their rewards in hand in August.

–The personalized, digital-rights-management-free copies of the entire production are being created now and will deliver to all backers by mid-August. These can be played on any audio platform and are owned by you, the backer.

–The one-on-one Zoom sessions with Wendy and Richard will begin scheduling in September.

It’s been quite a ride over the last year and a half. None of this would be happening without you, our most dedicated ElfQuest fans. Ayooooah!!!