Make your own ElfQuest lantern

Cutter and Leetah lantern

ElfQuest lights up the world, and now you can light up your world with ElfQuest by making your own ElfQuest lantern. Making these lanterns is easy to do, but like many craft projects, you do need patience. I know waiting for stuff to dry can be boring, but the end result is worth it.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own.

Lantern craft items

What you’ll need

Smooth canning jar (I use these)

Cutting mat (if you don’t have one, you can use thick cardboard. Just be careful of the surface under where you are cutting)

ElfQuest image of your choice (You can find loads online! Print out the one you want at what size you want).

Thin tissue paper. (I have used white and tan, just needs to be thin).

Xacto knife (be careful, they’re sharp!)

Elmer’s glue/Mod Podge/Tacky glue (I prefer Mod Podge, but the choice is yours. Just make sure whatever you use dries clear).

Paint brush


Ribbon/Raffia/Twine/Pipe cleaners/Whatever you want around the jar lid

LED tea lights

Your imagination!


Pick your imageBerrybuzz

I grabbed this one of an adorable preserver. I printed it out on my printer and filled it in with black marker so it would pop more when lit up. If you are able, you can do this with Photoshop.


Cut your picture out. Depending on the picture you decided on it may take awhile or go quickly. Just be sure to work slowly and carefully as not to tear the picture or cut yourself.

Preserver cut out 1
Preserver cut out 2Preserver cut out!


Get your image in the jar.

Postion in jar

I like to figure out where I want my image to be before I apply my Mod Podge/Glue on the inside of the jar. Then I use the paint brush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge/Glue to the inside.

Glue inside jar

Postion your picture on the glue and then smoothly place more glue over it, making sure to get all the parts of the picture glued down to the inside of the jar.

Preserver stuck in jar
Preserver in jar next step
Preserver smoothed out

Don’t worry, the glue will start to dry clear.


Once the glue inside has dried enough for you to handle the jar, you can move on to this step. Getting the tissue on the outside of the jar. Cut the tissue to the correct size for your jar.

tissue and jar

Use your brush to apply glue on the outside of your jar.

Brush outside

Carefully place the tissue paper onto the glue covered jar. Make sure the seam is at the back of your jar.

Tissue on jar

Close the seam on the back of the jar with glue.

Back of jar


TIP: Be careful and slow with these next parts as the tissue paper will be extra delicate and easy to tear because of the Mod Podge/Glue

Use your paint brush to apply glue onto the neck of the jar. Use your fingers and paint brush to push the tissue onto the side of the jar so it sticks. Once it is stuck down, apply more glue to the top of the tissue paper to keep bits from sticking up. Let dry.

Top of jar
push tissue
jar neck

You can trim off excess tissue with your Xacto knife or scissors. Repeat this work on the jar bottom after the Mod Podge/Glue dries.

Jar upside down
Jar bottom
Glue on bottom
Glue down

Let dry.


After the glue has dried, you get to apply the glitter. I recommend doing this over a trash can, unless you want your glitter all over your floor and life for a long time.

Use your paint brush to apply glue where you want the glitter, and then add the glitterGlitter


This is totally up to you. You can use twine, ribbon or whatever you want to tie around the jar lid. Just make sure it is something that doesn’t block you taking the lid off and on. I still want to get some cute berries for this one, but for now I’m just using green pipe cleaners. Inside of the jar I put an LED tea light. Don’t use a real candle!
Finishing touches


Is done, is good

So get out there and make your own. Share the results with us here. If you have any tips and tricks, share those too! And always remember to “shine where you love!”

Shine where you love