New ElfQuest on Hold During Pandemic

You’ve asked. We reply.

Question: How does the current coronavirus situation affect the future of “Elfquest – Stargazer’s Hunt”?

Answer: The pipeline for new comics – from publisher to printer to distributor to retail shop to you – is effectively shut down indefinitely. Issue #4 of EQ-SH was scheduled for May 13, 2020; No one knows when it will actually ship.

Question: Will there be a digital release, even if there’s no print version?

Answer: No. Dark Horse Comics, our publisher, along with most other major players, will not issue digital comics without the corresponding print edition. Their reason: If you buy a digital comic now, you may not buy the paper floppy later. That’s a sale the retail shop will lose, and comic book dealers are hurting as are many other small businesses. Dark Horse is choosing long-term health of the direct market over short-term profit, and we stand with them.

Question: Could this mean no more Elfquest comics or books ever?

Answer: Hell no. First, all in-print Elfquest books are still available through the usual channels (Dark Horse, Amazon, eBay). Second, Elfquest is a solid part of the Dark Horse lineup; unless the entire industry tanks, we’ll be there when the dust clears. Third, even though Dark Horse must delay “Stargazer’s Hunt” we – Wendy, Richard, Sonny – continue to write and draw the remaining issues so they will be ready to go the instant Dark Horse is ready. I (Warp Graphics) have committed to pay for this up front out of my own pocket, until we can be reimbursed by Dark Horse. That’s how much we believe in Elfquest.

Stay tuned – more as we know it.