New Elfquest tees, and more!

Check out these new designs, available exclusively through the Elfquest store on Redbubble.

First up is Trouble in the Woods, something no self-respecting Wolfrider will ever be afraid of. Join the ranks! (See masc tees, femme tees, clocks)

Then there’s Cutter and New Moon – he’s ready for anything and so will you be! (stickers, tees, journals)

A bonus design this week is from and for our single-mooned world: No H8, CRE8!

Or, in plain words, “Don’t hate – create!” You can spend your energy doing one or the other, so go with the positive. The infinity symbol suggests we oppose hate and be creative and loving endlessly – while the rainbow color embraces everyone.

Designed by Elfquest co-creator Richard Pini, it’s available as a t-shirt, laptop bag and much more.