Pre-Order The Complete ElfQuest Volume Three

Complete Elfquest Vol 3

Volume Three of the Complete ElfQuest graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Like the first two volumes, this book will collect several chapters of the saga in an affordable, softcover omnibus, but unlike the previous ones, Volume Three will feature some stories in full, glorious color.

From Richard Pini:

This is going to be (far as planned right now) a very special entry into the Complete ElfQuest series. They were planned to be black and white, so that they could be made affordable, but since this volume contains Hidden Years #1-5, Dark Horse went the extra mile to include those five stories in color, since the art is all watercolor by Wendy, and there was just no way I wanted these particular issues halftoned.

The Complete ElfQuest Volume Three will be 432 pages and becomes available on Amazon in August 2016.

Pre-order it now and watch this page for more details on the specific contents of this new ElfQuest collection.