Running out of patience (updated)

Saturday morning. I should be enjoying the day, but instead I am trying to cope with a server that is being very balky. If you’ve been following the continuing adventures of the relaunched Elfquest.com (since about mid-March) you’ve been treated to a litany of small woes. Outdated code, hackers… and now by sheer luck, the machine that Elfquest.com lives on, is having troubles. I just spent an hour on the phone waiting in the queue for tech support only to be told there’s nothing for me to do, I just have to wait until they fix it. I can’t even get email – or access the EQ forum, to send out notices. There’s still Yahoo, which I will hit after I post this.

This is to answer the questions I’ve gotten here: “Is the server down?” Yes, for a while it appears to be. Saturday late morning, east coast time. You’ll probably know before I do, when it’s back up and running.

Strangely, although I really do want to lay hideous waste to the hosting company we’re currently with, I’m also feeling a weird kind of energy. All of these problems have solutions, somehow, somewhere. And in the course of digging into the ones that I might be able to solve on my own, I am learning new things. So there’s that, and that’s positive.

Update, Saturday night – Tech support (I think there may be an oxymoron in that) says the reason the site is completely MIA is that they are working on “preventive maintenance” on the RAID array controllers. It’s not only Elfquest’s machine, but several others as well. This, I understand. They say they can’t give me an estimated time of completion but that I’ll have my access back by Monday morning “at the latest.” I can either accept this with some measure of equanimity, or stew in my own juices for the next 36 hours. I’m going to try to chill and get through this. It could be worse. (It could be a ton better too, but things are as they are.) I will live in the hope that at least next Friday’s installment of comics will be online on time.