Sonja and the Wizard

Nearly 35 years later (being uploaded late 2012) the only surviving record of the legendary “Red Sonja and the Wizard” show is finally available for viewing. This was the final – and best – performance, given by Wendy Pini and Frank Thorne (with Richard Pini on sound and special effects) at the San Diego Comic Con in 1978. Someone in the audience had a Super-8 film camera and caught as much of the show as possible under difficult conditions, thus the variable quality of both sound and picture. (Also remember, the cameraman had to swap cartridges every 2 minutes or so!) If you were there, we hope this brings back fond memories. If you’ve only read about Wendy’s stint as Red Sonja, we hope this will provide a taste of the enthusiastic, ardent fun we all had back when. Comics and conventions will not see the like again.