Support CDC Foundation with New ElfQuest Designs

Heads up! Masks up! We’ve been asked, and are proud to help support, the Heroes Wear Masks campaign being run by Facts2Health and the CDC Foundation.

It’s a fact that wearing a mask helps prevent the spread of COVID-19, yet many still don’t get it. We feel that if even one person thinks, “If it’s OK by Cutter, it’s OK by me,” we’ve made the world a little healthier.

With that goal in mind, we’ve created two new ElfQuest designs featuring Cutter to help spread this message. Read on to find out how you can help.

Want to join the effort? Here are four ways:

  1. Support – Purchase the ElfQuest “Heroes Wear Masks” design on a face mask, sticker, print, t-shirt or other items available in the ElfQuest Redbubble Store. EVERY CENT we make from sales of this design will be donated to the CDC Foundation to help combat not only COVID-19 itself, but misinformation about this all-too-real pandemic.
  2. Participate – Post a social media photo or video of you wearing your “Heroes Wear Masks” mask or t-shirt following campaign guidelines here.
  3. Share – Share the “Heroes Wear Masks” artwork featured above on your social media and make sure to include the hashtag #HeroesWearMasks.
  4. Create – For you artists out there, fan or pro, draw your own character (or create fan art using ours, we don’t mind) wearing a mask and saying “I wear this to protect you.” And then post everywhere you can.

Remember, not all heroes are superheroes. Sometimes they are wolf-riding elf chiefs. Heroes Wear Masks to protect their fellow citizens and you too can be a hero like Cutter.

The ElfQuest “Heroes Wear Masks” design is available on t-shirts and other apparel.
All proceeds from the sale of the ElfQuest “Heroes Wear Masks” design will be donated to the CDC Foundation in the fight against COVID-19.