The ElfQuest Show Is Back – New Episode

The ElfQuest Show is back with a SECOND episode all about ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Volume 2! Previously, on Episode 47, host David and guest host Tanya Scott Thomas had a fantastic discussion about the book, but David decided that there was more to talk about.

For Episode 48, David is joined by fellow fan Michael McAdam to talk specifically about the relationship between Cutter and Skywise. Here’s what Wendy Pini had to say about the discussion:

“David and Michael’s insights and outpouring of feelings about Stargazer’s Hunt Volume 2 went straight to my heart. Both these gifted young men are scary articulate, even about the most delicate matters. Michael in particular is able to discuss the spiritual aspects of the story so comfortably, in an all-embracing way. I guarantee you will melt when he and David rhapsodize about Cutter and Skywise’s relationship!”

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