The PVC has landed

Cutter Leetah
Picknose Tyldak

This is going to be a short bit of a newspage, because I want to get it loaded and published as quickly as possible.

A few days ago, I was in Los Angeles. We (being Wendy, Craig Miller and myself, 75% of Wolfmill Entertainment) were having a meeting (one in a long series of meetings, collect them all) concerning movies and toys and licensing and the like. Also, we had been given word that the advance air shipment of Elfquest figures Series One had arrived and after all this time, no one wanted to wait another millisecond to see the final “off the presses and into the packaging” version. (After all, we’d previewed, critiqued, and approved about a dozen developmental stages along the way. It’s been a long “pregnancy” and speaking for myself, I wanted to hold the identically same objects in my hands that you soon will be able to hold in yours.)

And that’s exactly what I, and what we all, did. Jeff Ahlholm of Evil Genius Toys wheeled out several cases and we tore into them and handed out Cutters and Leetahs and Picknoses and Tyldaks and ooh’ed and aah’ed because – well, because they’re finally real and finally here! What you’re seeing in the photos here for the very first time, is what you will see hanging from the J-card pegs at any moment. (In fact, if you want to print out this page and bring it around to your comics or toy shop, feel free. This information comes directly from the horse’s mouth – or whichever end you’re inclined to visit.)

Oh, and have you downloaded your free diorama to print out as a very colorful backdrop to the Series One figures? You can get it right here – either download the diorama in one large file (about 300k in size) from here and diddle with it in Photoshop or other paint application to make it suitable for printing, or you can get it in three sections from the images below. Each file is about 100k in size. Be prepared.)




To answer the questions before they’re asked…

One: the first bulk shipment of figures has indeed also arrived. (They were transported from China by boat; it’s slow.) These are allocated to fill the orders that were placed by comics retail shops back when. If your local emporium already placed an order, then Diamond Distribution and other distributors should be piping figures through their warehouse channels as you read these words. (If your local shop doesn’t get the figures, but says they did order them,please don’t write to us here at Warp. We don’t have a single blessed thing to do with that process. The issue is between your retailer and his distribution contact.)

Two: what about other retail outlets? Also being fed from this first shipment, we are told, are Electronics Boutique shops as well as the various Musicland-owned outlets, which include Suncoast Motion Picture, Mediaplay, On Cue,and Sam Goody stores. These are the sorts of places that you can find pretty much at malls everywhere. Depending on how quickly these places run their own distribution, you should see the Elfquest figures in them by Thanksgiving at the latest. Hopefully sooner.

Three: And what about the really big boys of retail, the Wal-Marts and Targets and such? The answer’s a little hazier on those; they have different timetables. I understand they’re placing orders now, for release at any time throughout the end of this year and into early next year.

Four: Can I order these directly through the online Wolfrider Shop? Alas, at this moment, the answer is no. We’re still working out just how and where (whether it’s via the site or Evil Genius’ own site) the figures will be offered directly. We’ll let you know when we’ve got an answer (and you are on the free email newsletter service that we offer, right? Right?? If not, shame on you, and go directly there right away). Please don’t write and ask if we’ve got them for sale before then; we’ll just have to send back a form reply saying “Sorry, not yet…”


How quickly time flies; I recall clearly putting out news that the first set of Elfquest figures would be available for holiday season 2000. How slowly time flies; between that first announcement and all the starts and stops and backs and forths that have led to now, it seemed sometimes as if the toys would never happen at all. But they’re here, they’re real. And heaven only knows what’s going to happen the first time any of us saunter into a shop and see the very items hanging among the X-Men and Spawn and Action-Man figures. I strongly suspect loud cackling and whooping noises will ensue. I’m sure not going to try to hold myself back!

The molds are being created for Series Two (Skywise, Rayek, Guttlekraw and Madcoil) – you’ve seen the sculpts for them already here. Evil Genius wants to have finished production samples for ToyFair 2002 in February, and for general release later that spring. They also want to get Series Three started as soon as possible (Winnowill, Strongbow, a giant hawk from Blue Mountain, and Two-Edge) as they would like to have those figures out in the autumn.

We look forward to getting your feedback letting us know where you’ve found the Elfquest figures, and what you think of them. We can’t know about every one of you out there, but for us, it’s playtime!