To tide us over

Everyone is eagerly awaiting news of the Elfquest movie… Both fans, and Warp themselves. Though we still don’t have much to offer in the way of movie updates, Richard Pini does have the following to offer…

These are three paintings that Wendy did over the week of April 8, 1996. When last she and I sat with Alessandro Camon of Pressman Films (Alessandro is Ed Pressman’s assistant with reference to the Elfquest movie) he made the comment that it might be useful to have some spectacular images of actual scenes from the screenplay to help sell the film to a studio. There already exist a storyboard and a screenplay, as well as several character illustrations; perhaps some new art might spice up a future presentation.

So while she was visiting Warp, Wendy let loose her cinematic imagination and came up with the following:


[Movie Painting 1] 1. A new take on the flight of the Wolfriders from the burning Holt. Very impressionistic, very powerful. My comment when she asked what I thought was, “I can HEAR the wind driving the flames!”
[Movie Painting 2] 2. Cutter and Rayek duke it out in the troll caverns high above the watching Wolfriders. While this may look like a recreation of the scene from Hidden Years 9.5, what leads up to this battle and what comes away from it are not the same events as in that issue.
[Movie Painting 3] 3. Winnowill lords it darkly and majestically over her trollsubjects. You never saw this in the comics.
[Movie Painting 4] 4. Timmain, the mother of all the Wolfriders, plays a very important part in the screenplay as it currently exists. She is the most “traditionally” mythic of all the characters that will appear in the film.
[Movie Painting 5] 5. Here’s something you’ve never really had before – a look at the world that the High Ones originally came from. This is how it would have looked at the height of its magical glory, when the “coneheads” made the decision to keep form over spirit, and when they used their abilities to raise glittering crystal cities.

Please forgive the necessarily short and sketchy descriptions of the art. As I have said before, the overall storyline of the Elfquest film takes elements from all of the graphic novels, weaving them into a new (and, in my opinion, much more mythic and grand) tapestry. And both we and Pressman Films want to avoid “Star Trek Generations-itis” – that peculiar illness that causes sensitive information about a film to magically appear all over the place before the movie actually is released.

So enjoy, and we’ll keep dropping hints and bits here as we get them.