Warner Brothers licenses Elfquest

This is the latest major news that we had. We received word early in the morning that Warner Brothers finalized a deal to license the property to develop and produce an Elfquest movie. The first (of many) industry announcement appeared in Hollywood Reporter. You can read the text here, although the actual page has been archived by HR. Other reports appeared within hours; a few of them are here and here and here and here. If you Google the words “Elfquest” and “movie” together, you’ll get a long list of other announcements from that time.

Wendy wrote a Wendy Words editorial about it.

New, bustling Elfquest Forum topics sprang up here and here. And even though the forum itself was hacked and damaged in February, 2009, we managed to resurrect most of the topics and discussions, which continue to this day on a brand new, redesigned web site.