Wendy, behind the pen…

Animation and Wendy go way back. She first tried her hand at it in college during “the Stormbringer affair,” the journal of which was published as the Father Tree Press book “Law and Chaos.” Later, she had a short stint at Ralph Bakshi’s studio animating a wee bit of “Lord of the Rings.” That didn’t last – which, as it turns out, was a major stroke of luck for the continuing adventures of Cutter and his elfin companions in the pages of the newborn comic book called Elfquest!

These days, Wendy spends a good portion of her time in Hollywood, working with the many people who will one day bring the tale of the Wolfriders to the silver screen. Part of that process involves helping those players outside the project to see all that Elfquest in motion can be. What follows are two simple cycles of animation – one (on this page) that shows Cutter’s lifemate Leetah enjoying a moment of dance, and the other here showing Cutter himself “taking out” a troll warrior.

Wendy says that drawing these frames was a happy revelation to her – after her experiences with “Stormbringer” and “Lord of the Rings” she thought animation must be a boring task! Instead, nearly twenty years later, she discovers each sketch leading exuberantly to the next. With luck, and the energy of many talented people, the Elfquest animated film will be a joy to behold!

The Leetah animation was originally published in Elfquest #8. We’ve taken it and colored it, and present it here for your enjoyment. The Cutter animation was done especially for this site. These are animated GIF files, so you will need a browser that understands animated GIFs in order to be able to view them.

They will load frame by frame, which may take a minute or two. Once it’s all loaded it will run continuously.


 And here’s Cutter…