Wendy Pini Goes Deep in “Comic Book Creator” Interview

For nearly six hours in September, 2019, ElfQuest co-creator Wendy Pini sat down with Jon B. Cooke, editor of “Comic Book Creator” magazine, for one of the most candid, nothing-held-back interviews she’s ever given.

In the article, titled Shadow and Sunlight: The Deep Sorrows and Radiant Joys of Wendy Fletcher Pini, Wendy goes deep into the ups and downs of not just her career, but her entire life, and how her creative spirit helped her navigate it all.

Wendy says, “I’m rather moved by the interview’s title. I’ve led a big life, no question. Came down here to do a lot of STUFF! Now I’m getting ready for my fourth act, which will put it all together.”

The Pinis are also mentioned in the editorial page, which includes a delightful illustration of Wendy and the main characters of ElfQuest by Canadian comic book artist Ronn Sutton.

Comic Book Creator is the new voice of the comics medium, devoted to the work and careers of the men and women who draw, write, edit, and publish comics, focusing always on the artists and not the artifacts, the creators and not the characters.

The issue is available in both print and digital editions from TwoMorrows publishing. Get it here.