Wendy Pini Nominated for “Chesley” Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award

What the Eisner Awards are to comics, the Chesley Awards, given by the Association of Science-Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA) and named after astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell, are to science-fiction and fantasy art. And this year our very own Wendy Pini has been nominated for ASFA’s Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award.

Step 1 – Let’s hear a hearty round of congratulations for Wendy!

Step 2 – Check out the ASFA page here on Facebook as well as the ASFA web site for more about the group.

Voting for the Chesley Awards is open to members, so please consider joining – not only to vote, of course, but also because ASFA does Good Work in helping advance the careers of SF and fantasy artists everywhere. (Full disclosure: I was president for four years in the 1980s, and I speak from experience.)