What did I just see?

Very recently, we here at Elf Central began to receive email from curious and concerned readers who had started to see what looked like Wendy Pini fantasy artwork in places such as eBay – but it certainly didn’t appear to be Elfquest art. And these folks wondered if this art was indeed Wendy’s, or if it was some very clever knockoff.

The answer, in short, is: Yes, it’s Wendy’s artwork, and no, it’s not Elfquest. It’s something new and different and exciting and… Well, why not let the artist herself explain!


Surprise, elf-friends! You haven’t heard from me in a long while, I know. I’ve been planning to tell you, via a new WendyWords, about the various projects I’ve been working on these past months. But it seems, with regard to the artwork you see below, the Internet has beaten me to it! Yes, in addition to writing and drawing a brand new Elfquest story (about which you’ll be hearing much more very soon) I’ve been creating, and in some cases rejuvenating, a host of fantasy images for a new publisher: Land of Myth and Not.

You see, it all started some months back when Richard and I were out mall-walking and we happened upon a kiosk laden with statuettes, jewelry, cards and prints all inspired by the world of Faery. It really took me back to my pre-EQ days when I used to do similar, elaborate watercolors to sell at science fiction convention art shows. We noticed that quite a bit of the product on display was from a company called Land of Myth and Not. More to the point, I noticed their offices were located nearby. I turned to Richard and asked, “Why am I not talking to these people?” As I recall he grinned, raised an eyebrow and replied, “Yeah, why aren’t you?”

Well, one thing, as they say, led to another. Carol Percivalle and Bob Boudreau, “Fairy Queen” and “Gnome King” of Land of Myth and Not, are a delightful couple who have built a thriving business (much as Richard and I built Warp Graphics) on the premise that a lot of folks out there just can’t get enough of elves and fairies. My newly-forged relationship with them lets me indulge a love of color, line, light and shadow through intricate, winged visions and lets me share those flights of fancy with a brand new audience – as well as with you who have been with me so long and know the layers of my work so well.

We’re just beginning. It’s great fun, and just as rejuvenating for me as for my old girlfriends Flora, Fauna and Mycota. In time you’ll see Pini fairies, light and dark, popping up in New Age gift shops and chain stores like Hot Topic. Who knows where they’ll fly after that?


One more note from the webmaster side of the keyboard: The images that you see below are offered in different formats, sizes and prices – and onceandreav70.sg-host.com gets set up with Land of Myth and Not, we’ll be offering all the variations through the online Wolfrider Shop. Many of the images (all the ones on this page except “Queen of Night” and “King of Night”) are open editions, meaning they are unlimited in number. They are offered in two sizes – 8 1/2 by 11 inches,with a retail price of $12.99; and 11 by 17 inches, retail $19.99. The limited editions (“Queen of Night” and “King of Night”) are numbered and signed, (price to be determined).

Right now, however, be aware that you may find these prints for sale on eBay at prices higher than the suggested retail. There’s nothing illegal about this. Land of Myth and Not is a publisher that sells only to retailers, and those retailers are free to resell their products at whatever price they can get. If you can find the prints elsewhere for the publisher’s price, however, why would you want to pay more?

You can browse the Land of Myth and Not website but remember, you cannot buy directly from them.

Land of Myth has asked us to repeat that: you cannot buy directly from them.

However you can contact them and ask about retailers in your area. Perhaps there’s a mall near you with a fantasy-theme kiosk that carries Land of Myth products but doesn’t yet carry Wendy’s prints; let them know you’d like to be able to purchase directly from them – they’ll get the message!





Winged Fauna

Winged Flora

Winged Mycota

Autumn Fairy

Blue Mermaid


Fairy Breeze

Fairy Rose

Gypsy Moth

Lady Lacewing


Little Sea Prince

King of Night

Queen of Night