When will Elfquest Stargazer’s Hunt #5 be out?

ANSWER: The same time as #6, #7, and #8!

What does that mean? We’ve been working with Dark Horse, our publisher, to find the best solution that balances three strong desires: ours to finish this important story, yours to read it, and Dark Horse’s financial needs. You all know the COVID pandemic has hit the US economy hard, including the comic book business. Single issue series – such as Elfquest – have been especially affected by COVID-related closures. So we have decided to publish the second half of Stargazer’s Hunt all at once, as a graphic novel collection, early in 2022, to follow the first volume. Single issues of #5-8 will not be released.

In the meantime, Wendy, Sonny, and Richard are plugging away to wrap up Skywise’s story with the same energy and passion that went into Final Quest. And don’t imagine for one moment that you’ll go months without the teases you love! We’ve already got a treasure trove of images and hints to reveal over coming days and weeks.

Questions? Ask away, and we will do our best to answer. In the meantime, keep sending out those positive vibrations – to us, to the elves, and out into the whole nutty world we’re dealing with. AYOOOAH!