Winnowill Halloween Cosplay Homage

Winnowill. Mistress of Blue Mountain, Lord of the Gliders, undersea goddess, shape-shifting consort of tyrants, possessing demoness, and manipulator of all who cross her path. No matter what form she’s taken or what role she’s played, her character has always represented the archetype of the wicked sorceress.

This Halloween, we honor ElfQuest’s villainous leading lady with these most delicious fan homages.

Winnowill by Falena-ananke.


Winnowill by Samietheturtle.


Wendy Pini with Audry Taylor as Winnowill.


Winnowill by Katerina.


Winnowill cosplay by Cedeth on DeviantArt.
Winnowill by Cedeth.


Winnowill by Lisa Lannen.
Winnowill by Lisa Lannen.


Winnowill by Adella.


Winnowill by Stephanie Thorpe.
Winnowill by Stephanie Thorpe.


Winnowill and her lackey Kureel.


Winnowill cosplay by shari81 on DeviantArt.
Winnowill by shari81.


Winnowill by Sara Berger.


Winnowill, joined by Clearbrook and Leetah.


Winnowill cosplay by Janna Parker enhanced with some of Wendy’s very first attempts at Photoshop.

If you know the identity of the cosplayers featured here that aren’t identified, let us know in the comments below. And if you’ve got your own favorite Winnowill cosplays that we didn’t include, share those too.

Have a happy and spooky Halloween!