Wolfmill Acquires Elfquest Rights

On the heels of their success with “Pocket Dragon Adventures,” Wolfmill Entertainment has acquired the right to Elfquest, the longest-running independently published fantasy comic book series in history.
Called “one of the most important works in American fantasy” by the American Library Association, Elfquest was created almost twenty years ago by the husband and wife team of Richard and Wendy Pini. Elfquest has fans the world over, with millions of copies of the comic books in print throughout the United States, England, Europe, Scandanavia, Russia, Australia, South Africa, China and Japan.

“We’ve known Wendy and Richard for years and have read and enjoyed the comics since they first started publishing. I wrote the introduction to their first hardbound collection. We’ve very excited to be joining our talents with theirs because we know the timing is perfect for their type of quality storytelling to come to animation,” said Marv Wolfman, one of the partners in Wolfmill.

During its two decades of publication, demographics have proven Elfquest appeals to males and females equally. Called both “a fantasy with teeth” and “an action soap opera,” Elfquest tells a dynamic adventure tale with a richness and depth provided by the large cast of characters whose emotional stories are experty woven in and out of the action. According to Craig Miller, Wolfmill’s other partner, “It’s these deeply personal elements that drive the story and adventure. We think it will make a terrific movie and has the sort of depth that can drive a series for years.”

Wolfmill’s production will be titled “Elfquest: Wolfriders” to differentiate it from the underlying comic books.