“What the **** are those things?!”

This is exactly what David Mizejewski and Ryan Browne, creators and producers of the one-and-only Elfquest Show podcast, said when they first laid eyes on the newly-released Final Quest #8. (By the way, that issue is out in comic shops today, Wednesday, March 25, as well as available as a digital download right here from Dark Horse Digital.)

What do we know about them? They are elves, descendants of the original Firstcomers. (This is, after all, still Elfquest, not Ent-quest or Dryad-quest or Heap-quest or Swamp-Thing-quest.) They look pretty spooky. They are “the most hidden of the hidden.” Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to use your imagination to answer the original question: “What the **** are those things?!” Wendy and Richard already know, and have for years. “Wood” you care to take a guess?