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Write on, all you Questers!

Remember letters pages in Elfquest? We sure do, and Dark Horse wants to bring them back! So they’ve asked us to send out the call: Did you like the “Final Quest Special”? What did you enjoy most? What did you feel? How did the story touch you? We want to hear from you, and maybe your letter will be printed in “Final Quest” #1, due January 2014. (If this works, we’ll keep the letters pages for the entire series, too.)

Here’s the important part: You must send your letter by email to “elfquest@darkhorse.com” – not to us (Elfpop or Elfmom). If you send it to us (in email or private message or snail mail), it won’t be forwarded. The good folks at Dark Horse will, with our help, choose what to print – so give us lots to choose from! We can’t reply personally to your letters, but we promise we will read every one that you send.

Ready… set… write!