ElfQuest Audio Movie Preview Party July 9

The final ElfQuest Audio Movie Livestream Listening Party is upon us! In one week–on Saturday, July 9th from 5-7 PM Eastern–you’ll get to hear a preview version of Episode Five!

Our previous listening parties have been exclusively for backers of the ElfQuest Audio Movie crowdfunding campaign, but we’re opening this one up to everyone in the ElfQuest community!

Join us for the Final Preview Livestream Listening Party!
This time EVERYONE is invited, not just backers!
Saturday, July 9th from 5-7 PM Eastern Time



(Note: the preview recording of Episode Four from the previous listening party is currently at that link–enjoy!–but it will redirect to the Episode Five livestream on July 9th at 5 PM Eastern.)

We also have some major updates to share with you and exciting news about what happens next. Answers to all the following questions on the agenda:

Where are all the backer rewards?!!!
Backers, want to know where your minis and other rewards are? TUNE IN

When is this thing gonna be finished?
Backers, want your copy of the full production? TUNE IN

Will the rest of the world get to hear what I hear?
Want to know the public release date and where it will be available? TUNE IN

Will Wendy ever do personalized sketches ever again?
Want to help make ElfQuest an even bigger global phenomenon and have a chance at getting your own ElfQuest character sketch from Wendy?


Join the WHOLE ELFQUEST COMMUNITY  for a listening party as Dagaz Media & WaRP Graphics present:


…listen as the Wolfriders and Sun Folk face a rumbling volcano and devastating stampede of wild zwoots…

…follow Leetah’s journey to understanding what her Recognition with Cutter truly means…

…experience the resolution to the struggle in both of their hearts and souls!

You definitely don’t want to miss this one because we’ll be dropping some major announcements–and some new opportunities!

You’ve known forever that ElfQuest was a remarkable story from a remarkable pair of creators. Now you get to share it with anyone and everyone.

Share this post and the following link far and wide on social media to give everyone a preview of the incredible phenomenon that is the ElfQuest Audio Movie:


Again, the recording from the previous livestream is available at that screening room link until the day of the next livestream event on July 9th.


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