Nonna was originally a member of the Hoan-G’Tay-Sho tribe, living at the foot of Blue Mountain and worshipping the Gliders. When Adar came to her village, they fell in love, and she left her tribe for him. However, when the pair returned to Adar’s Great River Tribe, the Bone Woman (a singularly grotesque-looking creature of questionable abilities) spoke out against Nonna because of her symbol-making talents. The two were banished from the tribe, settling deep in the surrounding woods.

Years later, Nonna had her first encounter with Cutter when he stumbled into her camp and collapsed. She thought him a child and went to help, but soon learned otherwise.

Nonna nursed Cutter back to health, earning his trust and proving to him, for the first time, not only that humans could be kind, but capable of creating beauty. He returned the favor by helping Nonna and Adar challenge the Bone Woman and convince chief Olbar the Mountain Tall to accept them back into the Great River Tribe.

Nonna later helped the Wolfriders lay siege to Blue Mountain, acting as an ambassador to her former tribespeople to dissuade them from their worship of Winnowill. Though through that adventure Nonna learned that the elves are not the gods or the demons that humans believed them to be, discovered that they were simply people, different, but no less worthy of friendship. She designed a symbol to always remind the Hoan G’Tay Sho of this.

Cutter’s closest human friend, she bears an uncanny resemblance to Elfquest creator Wendy Pini.

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