Troll Queen

Oddbit embodies all the maidenly virtues: greed, deception, opportunism, manipulativeness, coyness, vanity, and fickleness. She is the ultimate material girl, adorning the footstools of both King Greymung and King Guttlekraw.

Oddbit kept her paramour Picknose hanging on for years, waiting for him to prove himself to her by showering her with gold. When Picknose became king of the Frozen Mountain trolls, she sensed that the ante was finally high enough and agreed to be his queen.

However, true to her troll-gender, she had second thoughts when Picknose lost his crown, wanting to “stay behind and take her chances.” Picknose was having none of that, and dragged her off, so Oddbit made the best of it.

Oddbit regained a crown, however, when she and Picknose founded their own group of trolls. With her persistent sweetheart by her side, she became the matriarch of an entire colony, where she reigned for thousands of years.

She later migrated back to the caverns of her youth underneath the Wolfrider’s Father Tree Holt to found yet another troll kingdom to rule over. Even better, she received a magical makeover from the Wolfrider healer Mender to erase all of the sagging and wrinkling that comes with millennia of living.

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