Ohler is a Sun Villager whose chosen home is the Wolfrider’s Father Tree Holt. He spent centuries in the Sun Village, content with a traditional villager life working in the gardens. Unlike his more adventurous brother Lutei, who joined Dart’s band of Jackwolf Riders to hunt for and protect Sorrow’s End, Ohler takes pleasure in seasonal rhythms of tilling the soil, planting and nurturing seeds, and harvesting crops to feed his people.

Though Lutei was killed in battle, Ohler still communicates with his brother’s spirit in the Palace of the High Ones. In fact, it was Lutei’s spirit who reminded Ohler of his love of growing things and encouraged him to spend more time outside the Palace in the Holt, learning about the green growing place from Redlance the plant shaper and his lovemate Newstar.

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