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On being overwhelmed

Sunday night.

Elfquest2008 hasn’t been up a full two days but the response has been amazing. Startling, even. So many friends wanting to be added. So many heartfelt messages. The same thing is happening over at The new server went on-line March 14, the same day as the launch of the Digital Elfquest Comics project. The site’s received well over two million hits in under ten days as a result. Now, this may not compare to, say, the number of downloads of a spectacular new movie trailer as soon as it’s released, but for EQ it’s mind-blowing!

This is a roundabout way of saying “Thank you” to everyone who’s sent in a friend request, who’s posted a comment here or on the Elfquest forum boards, who’s sent a message or a link. You’re all great! (And I begin to grasp just how easy it is to get sucked black-hole-like into spending waaay more time than I have, juggling all this on-line largesse!)

Shade and sweet Fresca no-cal Peach Citrus!

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