A potpourri of issues and stories that don’t fit into any of the other series or collections. Some are canon, some are “what-if” — we think all are interesting.

A Gift of Her Own isn’t even a comic or graphic novel — it’s ElfQuest’s first (so far) forar into the arena of children’s books. And Return to Centaur is that rarest of all ElfQuest endeavors — a full-fledged crossover between the World of Two Moons and Piers Anthony’s legendary Xanth series of prose novels.

Essential ElfQuest
(for new readers)
(the first
Preserver tale)
By Any Other Name
The Jury
Rogue's Curse
Bedtime Stories
Worldpool #1
Kings Cross #1
Kings Cross #2
Return to Centaur
A Gift of Her Own
A Gift of Her Own