The Rootless Ones

In the dim past this tribe inhabited the woodlands and faced off against human enemies. Ultimately the humans won, slaughtering many and scattering the rest. One group fled into the desert and became a new tribe, the Sun Folk. Another group fled further into the deep wildwoods and took shape-changing beyond any other tribe, giving up a four-limbed, elfin form to mimic the fungus, mold and plant life of the forest. In doing so, they disappeared from plain view and from their human enemies. In doing so, they became the most hidden of all elves on the World of Two Moons.

They have eschewed a life of hunting and instead survive by scavenging. They disdain killing for food, preferring to lie in wait to decompose and thus feed upon those creatures that have already met a natural end.

So hidden and transformed are they from all other tribes of elves, they’ve chosen to ignore the call of the Palace of the High Ones, which they consider a “pesty” annoyance because it compels them back into a most disagreeable four-limbed form. They exist in a collective, no longer thinking or naming themselves as individuals, communicating only through group sending among themselves.


The Rootless Ones that went deep into the forest and became one with it using their shape-changing magic have given up individual identities, but look like this when they regain a near-elfin form:

Scary Ones Hi Res B&W

The Rootless Ones that founded Sorrow’s End and became Sun Folk are:

Yurek • Savah • Hassbet • Dreen • Maalvi


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