Merrymaker and gatherer

The type of girl to grab life by the collar and tell it to get ready for a good time, Ruffel grew up in the security of the Sun Village and was always seen with a smile on her face. She took life lightly, and even when she and her lovemates, Vurdah and Maleen, were “competing” for the affections of Skywise, she loved every minute.

A coy flirt, she was the perfect match for Skywise in the peace of the Sun Village before the quest began. Even after being apart for thousands of years, they found it easy to take delight in each other’s company.

Leaving the safety of the Palace for an evening romp with Skywise, during a storm, Ruffel was killed by a bolt of skyfire. Her sudden death affected all the elves, especially Moonshade, and provided the Wolfriders with a stark reminder of the world’s harsh nature. Unsure what to do with her body, Redlance’s suggested burying her to help the wildflowers she loved so much grow.


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