Serrin is a Sun Villager of Wolfrider heritage who now lives in the Palace of the High Ones. During the long sleep of the Wolfriders, she Recognized Dart, despite the fact that he slept cocooned in the suspended animation of preserver webbing.

Though Serrin was already lifemated to Talmah, the couple welcomed Dart into their family, and together they raised the cub that resulted from the Recognition, Bowki. Serrin helped pull Dart back into “Now” and brought him a measure of peace. Even so, Dart eventually returned to wrapstuff for thousands of years, and she, Talmah and Bowki moved on with their lives. Today, though they share a bond and history, they are no longer a family unit.

Though Serrin is half Wolfrider and possibly mortal, she has lived many thousands of years longer than a full-blooded Wolfrider. Her son Bowki, with wolf blood on both sides, lived his mortal life to its natural end. Like most of the Sun Folk, living in the Palace is changing Serrin.

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