Warp Graphics and Bandcamp join forces to bring you feasts for your ears as well as for your eyes. You’ve read the world-spanning and beautifully illustrated graphic tales that make up the saga of ElfQuest. Now you can enjoy two new and different experiences of the World of Two Moons.

A Wolfrider's Reflections
Filk Songs of ElfQuest
ElfQuest the Audio Movie
The soundtrack
Masque of the Red Death
Concept double album

A Wolfrider’s Reflections presents 22 filk-style selections ranging  from soulful (Cutter – Tam’s Song) to eerie (Madcoil – Nightcrawler) to silly (Catatonia County Rag) to downright manic (Petalwing – The Remembering). Words, music and performances are by well known names in fantasy and science fiction, among them Mercedes Lackey, Leslie Fish, Julia Ecklar and Cynthia McQuillan.

The ElfQuest Audio Movie soundtrack showcases 9 tracks from the full-cast dramatization of Journey to Sorrow’s End. Frank Schulmeyer’s score casts its own special spell. The fascinating blend of exotic influences, so far removed from traditional fantasy musical fare, captures the primitive savagery of the World of Two Moons, and how it has shaped the lives of Cutter and his Wolfriders.

A step sideways from ElfQuest, Wendy Pini’s adaptation of Masque of the Red Death is a dark, futuristic musical thriller. Its 30 songs, with music by award-winning composer Gregory Nabours, are lush, utterly melodious and singable. They capture the melodrama and pathos that are the hallmarks of Poe’s short story, but also provide bouncy lighter moments, typified by “The Rich Behaving Badly,” that give the show balance and human appeal.