Skot is Go-Back attitude personified. Irreverent and a fearless fighter, he sees the world around him with great humor. His biggest fear is to be left out of a good tussle. Skot truly lives in the moment, perhaps more-so than even the Wolfriders.

He and his fellow Go-Back Krim joined the Wolfriders and headed south after the elf-troll war for the Palace of the High Ones. Perhaps he chose to leave the Frozen Mountains because he craved new adventures; or maybe he was just sick of all the snow. Over the years, his bond with Krim and the Wolfrider Pike deepened, and the three of them became lifemates (Shenshen often treed with them too).

Together, they gave birth to a male cub named Cheipar (who, sadly, did not survive infancy) and later to another son, Sust.

Skot considered Wolfrider elders such as Treestump , Clearbrook, Strongbow and Moonshade to be near-High Ones. While he didn’t always fully understand or live by the Wolfriders’ Way (and often got himself in trouble for it) like all Go-Backs he respected his elders – enough to die for them. During the war with Ghohmul Djun, Skot rode on a suicide mission to save Clearbrook and Treestump from a pack of Winnowill’s magically-mutated peace hounds. Holding the monsters off while the elders escaped, Skot slew the peace hound pack leader, but was himself killed in the collapse of a blazing drawbridge.

Skot funny faceWhile the Wolfriders mourned his loss, Skot thought the demise of physical body was his crowning achievement. He now resides in the Palace in spirit form, occasionally emerging from the collective spirit pool to rabble rouse and play pranks on the living elves of the Palace.

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