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A collection of web links to sites that, for one reason or another, the folks at feel are good to know. These links lead to sites that provide resources and/or support causes that go hand in hand with what Elfquest is all about.

• The Mission of the New York City Comic Book Museum is to preserve the historical and artistic legacy of comic book culture, place it in the context of a changing society, show its usefulness in educating and entertaining, and instill in audiences the value and joy of this rich American heritage.

• An industry-wide Comic Shop Locator Service run by Diamond Comics, the largest distributor of comics products in the country. By clicking on the link, this online service allows seekers to enter their ZIP Code into a graphical interface, which then displays the location of at least the three closest stores. The Comic Shop Locator Service is also available toll-free by phone, at (888) 266-4226 (or 888-COMIC BOOK if you’re into mnemonics). Using your touch-tone keypad, you enter your ZIP Code and receive the same information about nearby shops as you would online.

The Master List is (or strives to be) an extensive listing of every comic book store and trading card store (sports and non-sports) in the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.

Wolf Park is a nonprofit education and research facility which was established in 1972 by Dr. Erich Klinghammer. Along with research and seminars on wolf behavior, Wolf Park provides interpretive programs to school groups throughout the year by prearrangement. We are also open to the general public from May through November and Saturday evening for Howl Nights. The park is home to several packs of gray wolves, plus foxes, bison and a coyote.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund helps eradicate censorship in the comics community — and membership will bring you a CBLDF Membership Card and access to special CBLDF events. (The hammer can come down on anyone.)

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